You’ve just registered on Side, welcome!

Before starting your first jobs with us, the next step for you will be to complete your profile.

This is a really important step. Your profile will reflect who you are but also your professionalism.

Your profile can be seen by:

  • the Side team
  • and especially, the companies who will have the final word

This article aims to show you all the steps to follow to be selected as much as possible on Side.

First advice: don’t leave any field blank.
Companies can decide to reject your application if your profile is incomplete.

Common mistakes: an incomplete profile, spelling mistakes, information which is not relevant to the job.

Your photo

It’s a prerequisite. Without a photo, you won’t be able to access the jobs.

It reassures and shows you are serious because you have completed every single section of your profile.

Choose a good photo on which you are:

  • cheerful - your profile is not an ID
  • in a neutral environment - you need a professional photo
  • alone - not with your friends or family
  • preferably close-up or portrait

You need to inspire confidence, professionalism and make the company want to work with you!

Shamime, Mathis, Marine and Federico

Don’t use:

  • a selfie
  • a photo of bad quality
  • a photo where we can’t see your face (no sunglasses, no distant framing, etc)
  • a photo which is too casual

Studies and past experiences:

These two sections are particularly important, especially if you haven’t yet worked on Side.

The more coherent your profile is, the more attention it will draw.

Careful: you can obviously have some experience in several sectors - it’s even better! - but don’t lose sight of the fact that, on Side, you will be selected and qualified according to precise job categories. You will thus need to put forward your relevant experiences: do not try to talk about everything.

As a reminder, here are the 4 job categories on Side:

  • Event (waitressing, reception)
  • Logistics (packing, warehouse work)
  • Sales (retail assistant, brand ambassador)
  • Office (admin, accounting, customer support)

N.B: you’re a professional working with other professionals. You need to be formal in the way you display your experiences. Don’t mention off-topic experiences or really old ones.

Example of a business profile



So for instance, if you want to do Event jobs, you will need to highlight experiences in reception during events, waiter/waitress in restaurants or barman/barista.

Adding my jobs worked on Side

If you’ve worked on Side before, you can of course add these experiences on your profile. Advice: choose carefully the jobs you want to highlight. This isn’t a general list of everything you have done in your life, but it’s about showing your profile to companies to their best advantage.

Here is an example of how to present your profile:

The activities section:

This is a secondary section, which nevertheless must be completed carefully. The activities take the shape of tags: you need to be concise and not put in too many.


Write down your activity, then click on Enter and write preferably only one word.


What the companies see:

When you’re selected for a job on Side, the company will be able to access your profile. It has happened before that a company refused a Sider not because of his lack of experience but because his profile was partially or not well completed. We aim that this never happens to you.

FYI, companies usually look at:

  • your studies and experiences
  • your previous ratings (if you have worked on Side before)
  • your badges

The badges are like labels. 

They ensure the company that Side validated you to be specialised in a certain number of jobs. They are mandatory to work on certain jobs.

Thus the companies have access to your profile as a whole - that’s why it’s important to spend a fair amount of time on it:

To sum up

Now, it’s up to you!

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