We advise that you create your invoice directly after the task is completed, otherwise: 

  • You risk losing track of when you worked.
  • You may put back the date that you are paid. 

Enter billing information

First of all, you must verify your information in the "Settings" section on your profile: 

  • Your billing address.
  • Your IBAN (found on your bank statement).

Create your invoice

Go to the "My Jobs" section of your profile. 

Click on "Get paid" in the line of the desired task.

Add your opinion about the task and the company. This will be visible to the Side team and not the company. 

Fill in invoice details

Attention, important information before proceeding: 

  • By default, lunch / dinner breaks are not remunerated.
  • Short breaks (less than 15 mins) are part of the service and are therefore paid.
  • If you carry out a task over several days, record your hours as you go so that you don't forget them  (e.g. in a timesheet).
  • This is all important, because if your invoice is intentionally distorted, we will no longer be able to trust you on future tasks.

Take an example - spread over 2 days.

The information must be filled out day by day, specifying: 

  • The date of the shift.
  • The start time and end shift. 
  • The start and end of lunch / dinner if the mission takes place all day and / or night.
  • The description of the task: it must be concise and allows you to provide further information to clarify billing (e.g. if you had to stay an hour longer).

For each shift worked - you need to click 'Add a new shift', and fill in the invoice details again. 

Once you've done this for all days worked, verify that all the information is correct, look at the summary and then click on: 

  • Save my hours later if the invoice is not yet complete, or;
  • Send my invoice if the task is complete and you would like to start the payment process.

NB : This is a brand new feature. It aims to bring greater clarity and simplicity to invoicing. Do not hesitate to make your returns via the chat if you like.

Different length tasks

For tasks that last one week or less: add your hours worked daily, and then send the invoice at the end of the week.

For longer term tasks: add your hours worked daily, and then send the invoice every two weeks. 

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